Our Incredible God

There is an amazing song by a Nigerian Gospel artiste – Mercy Chinwo titled “Incredible God”. Mercy is more famous for her song “Excess Love”. My friend sent me this song to listen to as part of songs to be used for the radio devotional. I just can’t get over the song. It speaks of the amazing power of God and what we gain access to as His Children.

Pleasing God

It amazes me that so many people attend church, pray, fast, and engage in other kingdom rituals, but do not have faith in Jesus or these religious rituals. So it turns into a simple religion.

Gospel, What really is it?

I have faith that today, in the mighty name of Jesus, you will experience a certain blessing from the Lord that is specifically designed for you. God’s truth about this subject excites me greatly, and I am confident that sharing it with you will bring you great blessing.

Take a Stand

I once heard God plainly say, “I am ready when you are ready,” as I was worshiping Him at a morning fellowship and releasing my faith for particular levels.

Therefore, we frequently discover in life that it is not God who determines our level of success, but rather it is us, because of the things we think, say, and do.

Beauty of God’s Timing

Praise God it’s a new week. Thankful for His mercies and the opportunity to keep at the purpose journey, today, we look at the beauty of God’s timing. Yes the beauty of God’s timing despite the ugliness of life sometimes.

The Joy of the Lord

Our daily lives require grace and strength to grow daily in Spirit. Trials and hard times knock us down and take a lot of strength from us. We need strength day by day to continue in purpose and truth.

The Incredible God

How Mighty is our God in all of the Earth! He is such a glorious God, an Excellent King, Mighty in all His Ways, He is kind and good to us, never counting our sins against us but always willing to forgive and lead us in the right path.

Peace Makers

There is a lot of turmoil in our present world. Wars and rumors of wars, refugee crisis, natural disasters, brothers at war, communities killing each over land disputes, racism at its height in nations, so much animosity, bitterness and hate, suicides, the list of death and dying goes on. In my country Nigeria, June has been a month of too many deaths.

Worship Him

When you follow the story of our creation and the reason for our being, you realize that we are truly special and precious to God. God created us to have constant fellowship with Him. Even with the fall of Adam, God constructed a plan that will forever close the separation caused by the sin of Adam. We were made to worship Him. God deserves all of our worship and praise. We are His creation and made in His image and likeness.

Grace in Our Time of Need

Our relationship with the Father is one borne out of Grace. By Grace we are saved and ushered into the Kingdom of Light. By Grace, Christ birthed our redemption through death on the Cross.
Grace is help from above. Grace is available in our time of need.