Spreading the Jesus Fragrance

We are the Jesus Perfume- Our everyday lives should give out a sweet aroma of Christ in us, working through us and liberating the lives of men by His power at work in us. As we submit every day to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we build our aroma of Christ. When we come in contact with people, they should recognize that which we carry and it’s saving power unto them that believe.

Rise, Take and GO!!!

We must make a deliberate decision to follow Jesus, through the good, bad and ugly times. The Bible says -In all things – Give thanks – for that is the Will of God for us in Christ Jesus. We must also in the Journey, represent the One who has sent us. It is a priviledge and an honor to serve our God in this journey of life. Being called from assignment to assignment with the ultimate purpose to enhance and advance God’s Kingdom agenda.

No Quick Fix

You converse with Him, fellowship with Him, sing love songs to Him, just thoroughly celebrate Him. When last did you give God awesome worship? This week, I have chosen to take a break from His Transformation Agenda series and write on what the Holy Spirit has instructed – Being a true worshiper.

Power of Thanksgiving

Remember amidst the troubles, there is always something to be thankful about. Being alive is one. Why is thanksgiving so vital for you?

Do you know God

Let us desire a deeper and personal relationship with God in these times. God has to be preached to the world through our lives. Our lives must reflect His nature and His being. It is a lifelong journey, one filled with lessons, trials, storms and victories, however it is also one filled with unfailing love, mercy, grace and truth.

Be Bold and Deliberate

The strength of the enemy is in our ignorance. When we know whose and who we are, then we will not go through life looking confused and bemused but with more clarity of vision we pursue the mandates God called us into. Our knowledge is based on revelation and it comes through constant relationship with God.

The Crowd

Remember Blind Bartimaeus? The beggar by the roadside, destitute and dependent on alms from people, just barely managing to get by each day, life held no promise. He is led out by sunrise to his begging corner and led home by sunset, nothing much to show. He wonders if there will ever be an end to this meaningless cycle.

Trusting God When it Doesn’t Make Sense

Today, what has God said concerning you? What has He called you to do? What is He calling you out of and into? What is your God-Story? Have you plunged right in or you remain undecided because of the ‘realities’ staring you in the face?

Late in the Midnight Hour

Let’s understand that the midnight hour symbolises a move of God to turnaround situations and not a perculiar praying time- It’s the Spiritual timing of God’s intervention on our behalf because of our praise, prayers, supplication and most importantly His mercies, not about physical praying times.