Its All For My Good part 3

Someone may say if God loves Me, how come I’ve lost such and such thing. Now, as much as it is not palatable that you may have lost some things, God’s love is the reason why you have not lost everything and it’s the reason why from what you have left that you think is small or insignificant, that is from where God will make that big, amazing, phenomenal thing you are expecting, so stay in faith.

It is All For My Good (2)

You cannot afford to compare yourself with anybody because you are an original of yourself. When the God we serve says all things will work together for your good, He means it that all things will work together for your good.

Stay on your lane, focus on God and He’d take you to that desired haven in due season.

It’s all for My Good

Sometimes in life, the words in the bible may seem a bit distant to relate with and you ask yourself if how Joseph went through slavery, got to prison and eventually showed up in the Aso rock of His time (in Egypt) is even possible in this day and age.