His Transformation Agenda: MELT

If we must show forth God’s glory we must be ready to pass through Gods melting process of adversity, pain, death, struggles, loneliness, etc not to kill you but to deepen your desire to know the living God more and more so that we can trust him Isaiah 43:1-2.

His Transformation Agenda – Break

He is truly our greatest reward!! Don’t ever forget that He is the Potter that puts us together, we come broken to pieces but He mends us. This week we see two occurrences of ‘Breaking’ in our lives- We are broken by sin and by life’s challenges

His Transformation Agenda- Break, Melt, Mould & Fill

Think about it- when we are going through fiery trials, the strain of the situation breaks us, it does seem very painful but think- God wants to transform you into His image and likeness. Becoming more like Him daily.