Do you know God

Let us desire a deeper and personal relationship with God in these times. God has to be preached to the world through our lives. Our lives must reflect His nature and His being. It is a lifelong journey, one filled with lessons, trials, storms and victories, however it is also one filled with unfailing love, mercy, grace and truth.

His Transformation Agenda: MELT

If we must show forth God’s glory we must be ready to pass through Gods melting process of adversity, pain, death, struggles, loneliness, etc not to kill you but to deepen your desire to know the living God more and more so that we can trust him Isaiah 43:1-2.

Finding Our Way Back To The Ancient Paths: Sacrifice

As we continue to tarry at home whilst this plague blows over, while we continue to pray for all the people in the front lines of this war and for many others who have lost their loved ones to this terrible virus, what are we doing with the time now given to us?