Beloved, how are you doing? Take time to answer truthfully and then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything that can help you feel better. Last month, we touched on the

House of Prayer 2022


This year is moving so fast. March has arrived. I hope your walk with God is getting stronger each day. I see prayer as the very oxygen that keeps your faith life going. Remember, God can make all grace abound for you! It’s all about him. This week we are looking at prayer and how […]

Four Ways To Love God in 2022


Over the last few weeks, we’ve taken a look at “Why you can’t love others” and “Money can not buy love”. Hold on! This week we look at Four ways to love God. Yes it is the month of love – let us shower our affections on God.

Why You Can’t Love Others


How many of us are aware of St. Valentine’s Day’s origins? Do some research on it because it might educate us about some selfless love.. We’ll look at four ways to love God later this month. Remember that Jesus Christ shrunk the commandments to two main ones. As we celebrate the month of love this month, […]

Money Cannot Buy Love And It Is A Good Thing in 2022


February is known as the month of love, and February 14th is celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day.  Over time, the word “love” has become a tool of deception rather than what God intended it to be. True love comes from God, and His Spirit teaches us how to love and accept one another.  Today I will touch on one of the things that have bothered me a lot in our evolving society – money and love, or let me put it straight as people say – “that money cannot buy TRUE […]

The Fullness Of Time – Part 1


New Year’s greetings I am so excited at this time (not just because it is 2022) because I have a feeling in my spirit that this is the appointed time. You might wonder, when is the right time to do what? And I will say this – you fill in the blanks. Remember, at the […]